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CoreExtension.php 100644 54.84kB
DebugExtension.php 100644 1.95kB
EscaperExtension.php 100644 3.03kB
ExtensionInterface.php 100644 2.63kB
GlobalsInterface.php 100644 626B
InitRuntimeInterface.php 100644 640B
OptimizerExtension.php 100644 740B
ProfilerExtension.php 100644 1.12kB
RuntimeExtensionInterface.php 100644 326B
SandboxExtension.php 100644 2.39kB
StagingExtension.php 100644 3.01kB
StringLoaderExtension.php 100644 1.2kB
Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP ============================================================== Twig is a template language for PHP, released under the new BSD license (code and documentation). Twig uses a syntax similar to the Django and Jinja template languages which inspired the Twig runtime environment. Sponsors -------- .. raw:: html <a href=""> <img src="" width="255px" alt=""> </a> More Information ---------------- Read the `documentation`_ for more information. .. _documentation: